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The Justice Reinvestment Coalition of Alameda County (JRC/AC) is launching a political education campaign #KnowAlamedaCounty to educate youth and the Bay Area population to actively participate in local and national government decisions. We want to get Alameda County residents excited to make a difference and for them to make decisions based on adequate knowledge of government regulations. Our goal is to empower the people of Alameda County, particularly youth, to get involved and be aware of the positive changes they can incite within their communities. 




Know your Stakeholders

District Attorney


One of the many roles of the District Attorney is to decide whether to charge someone of a crime, and if so, for what crime. 

County Sheriff


The County Sheriff oversees the county jail, patrols unincorporated areas of the county, and is the corner, among many other things.

Board of Supervisors


The Board of Supervisors oversees the county budget, adopts an annual budget, and appoints many important positions in the Alameda County government.

Probation Chief


The probation department oversees people coming home from incarceration, as well as juvenile justice.

Public Defender


The Public Defender is the "people's attorney;" they advocate on behalf of someone being tried at court. 



California judges have enormous influence on the outcome of someone's case in court.

Flow Chart
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