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District 1 - David Haubert

The District Attorney holds immense power in deciding the future of an individual, their family, loved ones, and larger community because their job is to decide whether to charge someone of a crime and if so, for what crimes.


How do their actions impact the community?

The District Attorney has the power to decide to...

  • Choose alternatives to incarceration, such as restorative justice or substance use programs, keep families together, and allow people to heal and repair harm in community support systems OR Pander to touch on crime edicts that feed into mass incarceration. 

  • Hold accountable and prosecute the police OR Let the police off the hook so they can continue causing harm. 

  • Decide to charge the highest charge so someone is forced to take a plea deal out of fear of receiving the highest sentence OR Charge for lesser crimes.

All these decisions have impacts on the community. 

So, what can YOU do to hold the DA accountable? 

  • Follow the DA elections and vote in the Primaries. Not sure if you’re registered? Check out your status/sign up at

  • Follow JRC on our Social Media page and sign up for notifications.

  • Do you have a loved one impacted by incarceration and want to join our community meetings with the DA? Reach out to _____ to join our meetings.

District 1
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